2017 Photos - RZF Images

Your Headshot Session:

When I do a headshot session, my camera is tethered to a computer so you can see your images on my screen. The goal is to edit the session with you as we’re progressing through the shoot.

You and I will review each image to see its potential as a final image. By shooting and editing in this way we can make adjustments and keep track of looks we might have otherwise missed.

When your session ends, we’ll have gone through all the images together and approved each during this process. If you end up choosing me as your photographer then you are in agreement that it's your responsibility to convey to me anything that you feel needs improvement over the course of the session. I want nothing more than having you totally satisfied with the outcome and things are fairly easy to adjust during the session.

However, once the session is over then it's your responsibility to work with the images that we decided to keep. Any images that I don’t find up to par after our session I delete, in order to keep and focus on only the best images. I do feel that I have a keen photographic eye and know that others regard my work similarly. However, I have no control of how others (agent, publicist, spouse, friends, etc.) will react to your session afterwards.

So, if for any reason, something causes you to doubt the marketability of any part of your session and you would like to add another look or two, I charge a $250 fee for another hour of shooting. Anything that you feel could be improved upon should've been discussed during your session in order to avoid having to come back for the additional hour, so I need to charge for my time for this service.

This offer is only available for 30 days from your original session and after that you are free to update at any time by doing a discounted returning client session, which is 25% off your original session rate.

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